Sunday, May 23, 2010

another purple pair

craft-store kristi

i almost forgot that i finished these yesterday. i mean really, now does someone forget that?

maybe because i was distracted by the new stuff i got at the fiberfest.

the goal of this pair was to triple dip into 3 of my ravelry kal's.

the first was for sock knitter's anonymous, or "ska". ska's challenge for the month of may included knitting cables or traveling stitches. well, as you can see, these stitches travel all over, and they're twisted too.

the second kal was for solid socks. their challenge this month was to knit with the color purple, solid or semi-solid.

and lastly, i knitted for the last installment of the sock innovation group, knitting a choice of the above pattern, kristi, or the other chosen design.

all these groups are pretty easy going. they all offer prizes, though it's not likely i'll win. but, i do have another pair of socks in my drawer!

now, i'm going to lay low and not cast on anymore socks 'til june 1st, when a whole new round of challenges commence. in the meantime, i am going to knit on shawls. i cast on a new one yesterday. it's called "echo flower shawl/shawlette". i am using some knitpick's palette in colorway rosehip. this is for mom, by her request, even though we BOTH know she doesn't wear shawls.


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely!

Christine said...

I'm having a hard time not casting on! I'm comfortable with my 20 pairs of Socks In Progress. Don't you have a lot of 2nd socks to work on? HAHA!

gray la gran said...

christine, HA! i think i only have 15 orphan pairs. take that!

Anonymous said...

mom does wear shawls and gets compliments on them when she does....just likes to wear them sparingly so that they will last longer.