Friday, June 25, 2010

blue socks with holes

my picture is kinda "lacking", but i was in a hurry to be able to share that i did finish the pretty blue socks.

velvet susanna socken

i have apparently knitted another pattern quite similar before, that would be my snow petal socks. of course, i did not realize this until on the foot of the first sock.

this lace pattern seriously lacks stretch. usually, lace is quite stretchy, but not when there are multiple rounds with stitches that bias. they fit fine, and it's not a struggle to get on, but i do notice they stretch like fairisle (minimal).

the pretty blue yarn is jitterbug in colorway "velvet damson", and the pattern is Susanna. you can see my ravelry project page here with more notes and details.

in the meantime, just for today, i have resisted casting on something new as i'm "holding out" for my july 1st cast on for next month's challenge with SKA.

i'm doing a bit of orphan rescue, and dragged out a sock from 2 years ago ... a summer blended yarn for some jaywalkers. this is the mate! it's about as mindless as stockinette.

summer jaywalkers

i have yet to order more yarn for my shawl. i ran out. oops. of course, i could just order the 1 ball of yarn, but i refuse to pay more for the shipping than the item. so, of course, i have to figure out what else i "want".

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