Saturday, June 12, 2010

on its way !!!

mom's belated birthday shawl is on its way today. i was finally able to wrap it up and get it stuffed into a big bubble wrap envelope, along with a copy of crazy aunt purl's latest book, _home is where the wine is_.

as i read along, i laughed and LAUGHED. and on my last laugh, i realized, crap! this is the END of the story!!! (not the end of the book, as she has many knitting/crochet patterns included).

so, the book is in the package as well, and i sincerely hope mom doesn't bust a gut reading because she just had gallbladder surgery yesterday. whoops!

in knitting news, i've temporarily lost my sock knitting mojo. i am, right now, hooked on shawls. maybe i'm hooked on shawls because the last one i knitted wasn't for me, and i feel cheated.

regardless, this is for ME. it's knitpick's palette yarn in colorway conch, and the pattern is evelyn clark's 'rose ribbons shawl' from her book, knitted triangles.

home plants knitting 108

the green stitch marker will stay 'til i'm finished, but for right now, it marks where i transitioned from ball 1 to ball 2.

to me, this colorway is very miami 'south beach'. regardless, i don't have a shawl this color, and thus, i NEED one in a color i wouldn't normally wear.

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Christine said...

You want to know how you lost your sock knitting mojo? You lost it when you started completing pairs of socks! I have 14 rows left of my Traveling Woman Shawl.. I do want to finish them... And don't get those signature arts needles for shawls cos you won't want to put them down! I wish they make them in size 1's! Your shawl reminds me of my Debi socks - see, she's from South Florida - same color!