Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hey! a mid-week post, imagine that !!!

i was knitting as fast as i could. that's what you do when you think you may not have enough yarn. it's all about "knitting theory". (which, i do practice)

anyhoo ... here's the current socks on needles (or, perhaps, first sock OFF the needles).

jitterbug socks 018

jitterbug socks 009

this pattern is called "susanna socks" by Stephanie van der Linden. you can find her over on ravelry. the yarn is jitterbug. the fear was, my skein is from stash, and over 3 years old. the label said i wouldn't have enough, my scale said i would. i'm going with the scale.

i finished the first sock today, and put it aside as i wasn't ready to cast on the mate quite yet. perhaps i'll do that in the morning. in the meantime, i'm still knitting like a bandit on my shawl. i thought i was near finishing, but maybe not. i think it's going to be "big". i haven't broken into my last ball of yarn yet, but i will have to. the issue is, how far will i get with it ?!


Nik said...

I see you are wearing Alegrias. I bought a pair months ago-in bright red-and I am totally in love with them. I like yours ;D

Mouse said...

Thanks to the commenter before me I was able to find the clogs you are wearing.. those are awesome! Your socks are amazing as usual.. I wish I had your patience for lace!

Rainy Daisy said...

I love those shoes. love. those. shoes.

Oh, and the sock is effervescently lovely. Is that a thing? I think so...