Tuesday, August 24, 2010

finished fishes

it's raining this morning. i'm so glad it's raining because now i don't have to water the plants. of course, this could also mean trouble for the morning commute.

i finished the stranded fishes socks. i took these home over the weekend to work on, and let mom try them on, and decided they fit her better than me. the foot length is just a bit short for me, and probably a bit long for her. and i'm just too lazy to change that.

and then, looking at one of the socks last night, i realized that i knitted the legs differently. WHOOPS. one leg has 5 repeats of fishes, and the other 6 (as the pattern is written for 6). and, i'm not ripping and fixing. this is just one mistake of many in these socks.

nevertheless, i still think they're really cute!

the pattern is spillyjane's swedish fish socks. i used knitpick's bare (merino/nylon) fingering and their 'felici' in colorway marine life. i barely used any of both skeins/hanks of yarn. i can get another pair of socks out of the remaining bare, and i have a second skein of the felici (plus its leftovers). lots of yarn!


Walden said...

Love em!

Rainy Daisy said...


And the whole idea of knitting your own socks is that they are unique, right? (and comfy. And fun. And funky) So who cares if they are a little different? You'll never find another pair like this!

translation: I never fix my little booboos either. If they keep your feet warm, who cares?

leanne pizio said...

love these! they are so sweet and I like that they are different sizes. too cute!