Saturday, August 14, 2010


i think i've used this title post before. but big WHOOPS because i just didn't realize i hadn't posted in a bit, until someone kindly reminded me today.

i had a bit of a "yarn crawl" today, in a BMW (deb drove). a couple of friends and i made our way down south to southern pines, nc, to visit bella filati. they recently relocated into a new building in downtown southern pines. and the new store is even lovelier than the original. and i should had taken my camera, because they had some really cute lamp shade covers that were crocheted, or even needle felted.

i did not purchase yarn. i think i felt a bit overwhelmed, and not quite ready for buying a sweater's worth of yarn. but, i did come away with a book by teva durham (_signature style_ , loop-d-loop , volume 5). inside was this really cool pullover!

honeycomb diamond pullover

it's the "honeycomb diamond pullover" in a yarn by loop-d-loop, called "moss". i haven't seen this yarn in person, but the label says it's 50g and 163 yards. so, it must be very light and have some fluff. there are a couple more designs in the book which i like, so that makes the purchase worth it. of course now, i'm on the hunt for the yarn. i don't always knit projects in the recommended yarn, but i think in this case, perhaps i might.

on the way back from southern pines, i said, "hey, let's stop at the new shop in apex!". and my friend replies, "oh, you little strumpet!" (by the way, a strumpet is a middle english word for the modern day "ho", aka prostitute) (it's a term of affection ;)

so we stopped at the fairly new downtown knits in apex, nc. i really liked it, and actually bought yarn!

nature spun fingering

this is nature spun fingering by brown sheep company, in colorway "butterscotch". it's not really butter-scotchy at all though ... it's a very rowanesque heathered and natural, in a shade more like a greenish bronze.

my friends cringed at my purchase (hey, what are friends for?!) ... because they like "snooty" yarns. i like 'em too, but i also like nature spun, and lopi lite, and other minimally processed yarns.

this yarn gets a whopping 310 yards for under $4 a ball! so, i now have over 900 yards, enough for a nice shawl, for a very low price. and it's made by brown sheep ... not "local" to my area, but certainly local in a global sense.

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Michelle said...

I have a deep and abiding love for nature spun yarn by Brown Sheep. I met the owners of the company last June at TNNA and they are really cool people!