Saturday, September 18, 2010

knitting, crochet, cross-stitch

have i covered all my bases? perhaps my next post will also include sewing ....

first of all, i finished my socks.

black butterflies

i like them! they have me thinking about perhaps knitting another pair of black socks, and probably in lace too (at least with lace, you can see that there IS a design). i have two more pair's worth of sock yarn in black. i'm just not so sure about starting right now, as there's so many other projects i want to work on.

for example, trying out new techniques.

brioche knitting and tunisian crochet

entire books dedicated to just one technique! both books have projects, and the projects are interesting enough, but i bought each because these are things i'd like to try doing, and books like these go out of print when one finally makes the time to try it. i did find an afghan hook in my needle jar today (it was so dusty!), so that's a start.

and then there's the stitching ...

snowman coaster

mr. snowman has become functional vs. decorative. last weekend, i bought an acrylic coaster for mr. snowman. i did not doing anything fancy (heck, i didn't even wash my finished cross-stitch, and my steam press did not completely remove the fold lines).

i essentially wrapped the piece around the cardboard circular insert, and crammed it into the back of the coaster, then stuck the adhesive cork cover on the backside.

and then, i bought another $1 kit to stitch up another holiday design. it's amazing how $1's worth of goods can keep one busy for MANY hours.


Mouse said...

I love those black socks! I was on a cross stitch kick a few years ago and was doing those cheap small kits. Clearly I don't have the patience or counting skills necessary for the big ones!

Rainy Daisy said...

I love the idea of a cross-stitch coaster! Now if only I could sit still long enough to do a cross-stitch. :P