Thursday, September 30, 2010

a pair!

i have made a few pairs of toe up socks, though it's not my preferred method. BUT, i really like this spice man pattern by yarnissima. the fit is very good, and i was able to use up every bit of yarn to make a pair of knee-hi socks (the leg is all 1x1 twisted rib).


something else very exciting about these socks is it's the first time i've used jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off, as published in knitty. it makes a tidy and stretchy bind off, without the flair of a loose bind off. it does eat a lot of yarn, so leave a longer length of yarn than usual so you don't run out before finishing.

i'm very pleased with these socks, and plan on mailing them out this weekend.

that said, i need a pair for myself. though, i won't be doing the knee-hi version. i got two balls of sock-ease in complimentary colors last weekend.


so i started a pair with contrast heels/toes/cuff. i've actually now finished the first sock, and started the mate. i'm reversing the colors on the mate too. what the heck.

i love these!

i see this pattern as being a good basic to possibly play with, changing colors, stitch patterns, and sizes.


leanne pizio said...

LOVE!!!!!THEM!!!!!!CAN"T WAIT>!!!!!!
Love you,

Rainy Daisy said...

awesome! I had a fling with toe-up socks for a while, but the heel never fit right. If these have a good fit, I think I'll be back in the game. Hello toe-ups, my old friend...