Sunday, September 12, 2010


how many times have i used WHOOPS as a title post? ... i'm sure many times. there are many WHOOPS in my crafty life.

such as, i just posted about my snowman, saying i hadn't finished my black socks yet, and then look at my blog and say, "hey, where ARE my black socks ?!"

so, here's one. the mate is on the needles, and is actually on the foot section too (top down).

butterflies and blossoms

this sock (pair) is for the september challenge of SKA on ravelry. one of the month's challenge is to knit with the color black. i haven't knitted black socks in about 15 or more years, though i have enough black sock yarn for about 3 pairs of socks.


can you see the butterflies in the lace?

i think i should had knitted these on a larger needle. i'm on a 2.5mm, and probably should had gone up to a 2.75mm, and slightly thicker yarn too (ie: patons kroy sock).

but, i'm too far along to change that now. it's just a little "note to self". the reason being is that this ends up being a 54 st. sock, and though the pattern is rib and lace based, it stretches out to the point of distorting the butterflies, and i don't like that. lesson learned.

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Rainy Daisy said...

*gasp!* butterflies! I can totally see them. Pretty!