Sunday, February 27, 2011

brown sock

brown girly socks

i've not made much progress lately. i have finished an orphan, but cast on its mate. i am very close to the toe of another 1st sock, and my mystery socks are suffering.

BUT, i've made progress on a new cast on. thus, the pretty brown sock.

getting started

it looks like a traveling stitch, but that singular knit stitch is traveling under "faux" methods.

the stich is formed this way: k2tog (leave on left needle), then, ... knit 1st stitch again ... and drop the stitch from the left needle. get it?

i'm also very please to be knitting with a stash yarn from SAFF '07! the yarn is miss babs "yummy" in colorway 'bruin'.

the sock pattern: "twined rib socks" by fkd designs. here's the ravelry link.

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