Tuesday, February 15, 2011


apparently, i neglected to include the patterns for the socks from my previous post. whoops!

so, for the curious ...

this sock has been described as "pink lemonade", but it's actually called Rib and Cable Sock by nancy bush, from the fall 2005 issue of interweave knits magazine.

i have made it before, and LOVE it. and, like most nancy bush patterns, it has an unusual construction for the heel turn and the toe. but, i didn't like the heel turn, so kept that basic.

the yarn is a favorite of mine. it's called Sophie's Toes Merino Sock, and can be purchased online via Emily Parson's Etsy Shop. this particular colorway is called "daffodils and tulips".

you can see more versions of the sock pattern via this ravelry link.

the pretty blue socks in progress are the mystery sock from this month's challenge in the solid socks ravelry group. i've never done a mystery sock before, and i am actually enjoying it. it's knitting blindly!

the designer releases a clue (4 total, one each week) each tuesday. i am knitting them in tandem to avoid the SSS.

the yarn i'm using is some knitpicks bare superwash wool/nylon fingering. i dyed it on the stovetop using icing dye. i have tried several patterns with this yarn before, and have ripped them all out. this time, i'm thinking they're a keeper.

you can see more of these mystery socks in progess here.

the last sock is 'wanida' from cookie a's _sock innovation_. again, i have knitted this sock before, and i love the results! this time, i'm doing it in jitterbug. i should finish the first sock, so i can at the very least, weigh it to make sure i have enough for sock #2.

it's almost bedtime, but i think i have a little bit of time to squeeze in another episode of my current netflix series, and knit on clue 3 of the mystery sock.

happy knitting everyone!

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