Sunday, February 06, 2011

february knitting


i have knitted this pattern before ... and felt like knitting it again, sort of as a "mindless" knitting project.

this time around, i'm using some jitterbug from stash. i'm eager to get the first sock off the needles so i can weigh it (and determine of i have enough for the mate!). my jitterbug is the old put up, so the yardage may be on the short side.

and of course, while i'm knitting this, i'm thinking, "i really want to knit Bex too!"

another sock i cast on yesterday is a mystery sock for the solid sock group on ravelry. i already have clue 1 finished on the first sock, and i need to go ahead and cast on the second sock ... a clue is revealed each tuesday, with 4 clues total.

mystery sock!

the designer is lisa stichweh. she also designed 2 other socks i've knitted:

snow petals socks

... snow petals, which i finished last april. and ...


... pillars, which i finished in fall of '09 (and, they too are knitted with jitterbug).

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Walden said...

Love the way the jitterbug colorway is working with the pattern. The mystery pattern looks interesting, love the texture!