Monday, March 21, 2011

and, a MONSTER !


this is bea! she's from this book ...

monster book!

i was nowhere near my stash, so i took a little trip to the local hobby lobby, and picked out some of their cotton yarns (as they had some really nice colors!)

i LOVE this cotton!

and, i started knitting, and knitting, and knitting ...


... and body parts!

i learned how to knit a "jogless jog" while knitting stripes

the jogless jog

and i learned that i liked the lifted increase better than the kf&b when knitting with cotton ...

lifted on left, kf&b on right

i still need to glue her teeth on, and stitch her a belly button, but essentially she's finished.

bea is for a swap in the Danger Crafts group on ravelry. my swap partner lives in texas, and she's knitting me a mystery monster. unless she's snooped in my project pages or blog, then this should be a surprise for her.

in the meantime, mom wants a monster too ... she picked out these greens from hobby lobby:


the lighter shade of green is also the "i love this cotton!" yarn, but it also has a strand of sparkle wrapping the yarn. (mom wanted "bling")


Nik said...

Which Hobby Lobby did you go to?

Mouse said...

OMG.. what a cute monster!! I want to knit one of those for my friend's baby but I can't decide between all of the awesome patterns!!

Loretta said...

I asked Santa for this book for CHristmas, and now seeing your monsters, I am going to ask again!

Moonie said...

Oh, what fun! I love her :)

Anonymous said...

Purdy cute, purdy cute!

jackie said...

i love her!

Cathy said...

I love your monster. So cute.