Monday, March 14, 2011

one pair off the needles!

extra-yummy socks

this pair was the closest thing i had on the needles that i could call "mindless knitting".

i knitted this pair for ska's february challenge of "man socks". the challenge stated that the socks had to be designed with the Y chromosome in mind.

and these were .... but, i didn't want "man socks" ... so i sized them down with smaller yarn & needles.

the pattern is called twined rib socks. you can find the pattern here on ravelry. i also happy to report i FINALLY used a ball of stashed sock yarn that i bought at the first SAFF event i went to in 2007. the yarn is miss babs 'yummy'. it's a 2 ply superwash merino, and it has a nice hefty twist, kinda like koigu.

so now, when i look at this picture ...

did i start enough projects?

... i can at least mark one pair off the "to knit list". (if you click on the picture, you'll be taken to flickr, and the photo has notes as to which socks are which design)

and when i look at that picture, i unfortunately realized it's missing 2 other pairs ... the jitterbug wanida socks (one knitted/finished, 2nd partly cast on) and the blue lace ones from my previous post (toe up, and i just turned the heel).


Christine said...

I'm thinking you can knit my mates and I'll knit yours!

knitabulous said...

For brown man socks, they sure look pretty - beautiful in fact. I look forward to seeing them all finished, but particurly the blue 'bobbly' ones in the top left hand corner. They're fascinating..