Wednesday, March 30, 2011

mystery solved!

mystery socks!

these have been a long time coming. and think, each sock is only 1/2 a pair!

these are the mystery socks from ska, designed by verybusymonkey (ravelry link).

the way a mystery sock works, is each week, the group is given 1 clue. by the 4th week, we have all the clues to knit from cuff to toe.

i couldn't decide which yarn i liked best for the socks, so i started two different socks. and guess what, i like both!

the yellow sock yarn is a bit finer (it's knitpicks tonal sock in golden glow). the raspberry sock is a bit thicker (it's dizzy lizzie's sock yarn). but, both were knitted on 2.25mm dpns. they are also mirror images of one another (as the pattern is written).

these socks also use the technique of lace, meaning there are "holes". there's no cabling.


Moonie said...

Love, love, LOVE! Plus, they look good together. I'd wear them just like that :)

Cathy said...

Love these!!!