Sunday, June 05, 2011

a bit of progress ...

i'm about to have a mismatched pair of socks! june 1st also meant i could cast on another sock for the month's challenge --- knitting a pattern that accentuates a self-striping yarn.


i chose anne campbell's taffy ripple socks. saw another pair on ravelry also knitted in knitpicks felici (in a more subtle colorway). of course, i had sock envy. thank goodness the other shade of felici is discontinued, or else i might had been filling up my virtual shopping cart for that knitting experience.

i already had this shade of caprica in stash (which, is still available), so it's the lucky yarn to get paired with this nice scalloped pattern.

now, i'm part way through the foot. i will be a 'good girl' and cast on the mate as soon as i finish this one.

and, in the theme of knitting socks with self-striping yarns, i cast on another pair of jaywalkers. it's simply my favorite pattern for yarns that stripe. i have knitted many pairs in this pattern, so it does not qualify for this month's (or any month) challenge.


i found this yarn on ravelry. it's been in my stash since '08. and before then, someone else's stash. it didn't have a label, but i was able to identify it as being a discontinued Opal yarn. the colors remind me of easter eggs in grass.

this one too is part way through the foot. maybe i can finish both this week?

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Leanne Pizio said...

hey mouse!!!!
miss you bunches! Love the sockies and the mailbox monster!
come visit soon. we would love to see you!