Thursday, June 02, 2011

funny how time flies ...

wow. so. hmmm ....

i do have LOTS of knitting on the needles. and i kinda forgot to update. here.

last weekend (?), or so ... i went to the nc fiberfest. i got lots of yarny goodness ... and seriously couldn't wait to cast on the "fresh" yarn.

so, from that post, i did cast on a few projects.

beautiful handpainted yarn !

this sock is from the wonderful hank of yarn i got here.

fiberfest !!!
(click on photo for details)

it's a simple sock, with fabulous yarn. i could fret over "what pattern ?!" for ages. or, just cast on and KNIT. i'm almost to the toe now ....

and, i cast on this:


this is papaver, from anne hanson of knitspot. i've knitted this pattern twice before, so i'm getting LOTS of 'bang for buck' with this beautiful sock pattern.

i really LOVE the yarn. the colorway is called "prince of the wood elves" and is inspired by the Lord of the Rings. what i enjoy most is the wee blips of green and brown in the silvery gray tencel blend.

and, i started a shawl, with this unique cotton yarn from Wolle's Yarn Creations .

holden 005

yes, the picture is small, and only represents my first wee bit of knitting ... and now, i'm on the last repeat of the shawl. the pattern i am knittins is called the Criminal Minds Mystery Kerchief, and is available on ravelry.

what i love about this pattern is it's full of texture. it's like a sampler, and all the instructions are written vs. charted. and, it's ERROR FREE ! isn't it nice to knit a pattern that has no mistakes ?

i started this too because i finished my holden shawlette.

the colors are nice here ...

all of her

the point

oh! and i didn't even post what i'm knitting on right now! come find me on ravelry ....

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Mouse said...

I love the first sock- the colors are really gorgeous! Your shawl is also amazing- I still can't handle lace knitting.. I always get messed up & have to tear it out!