Sunday, June 19, 2011

what? when you have vacation, the knitting 'decreases' ?!

how does that happen? is knitting just the therapy awaiting a holiday?! maybe it is? and so, if i do go 'on holiday', my productivity slows to a crawl?

okay. i'm so good with that.

so, this is what happened knitting-wise, on holiday.

i freaked out a bit, and reached out to my fellow ska'er's ... asking, "do i have enough projects" to take on vacation ?!

and i DID have enough, and then SOME. but, you know how we knitters are ... we're 'a bit flightly'.

nevertheless, i did manage a few rows, and i finished A PAIR !!!

knit 'em UP !

this is my one and only pair for the june SKA challenge. i am so glad to have finished the pair, as i do have lots of 'orphans in waiting'.

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