Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 more pairs in the bunch!

i am thrilled to report that the finished sock pile is growing! i finished two other pairs this week ... actually, i just finished this pair today.


these are my skew socks which i had cast on in april for ska's "unusual construction technique".

this pattern is free on knitty.

these socks are knitted on the diagonal, from the toe up. the construction is "unique" to say the least, so you just have to trust the pattern. and i can attest, the pattern is correct. so, just trust it and knit.

i used lion brand's sock-ease yarn. i really like that yarn. i like it even more when i can buy it with a 50% off coupon! i just wish they would expand the color line. i've never seen their solids in any of my craft stores, and the multi colorways are the same as when they first rolled it out. i like ALL the colors, but i do expect a company such as lion brand to change things up a bit (more).

the other pair i finished is the honeycomb socks by mona schmidt.


these socks are knitted with the reynold's soft sea wool. it's a heavy fingering, thus the sock has fewer stitches than most of the socks i knit, and i knitted them on 2.75mm dpns.

this pattern is from reynolds steppin' out.

let's just say the pattern & book have lots of mistakes. the pattern is very pretty, but if you knit the pattern as written, it won't look exactly like the socks on the book's cover. that said, i left some notes on my ravelry project page.

i now have 7 pairs completed for this august challenge. i intend to complete at least 10 pairs. more, if i have the time. i think i will at this rate!

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Hepsi said...

Lovely pairs both!