Tuesday, August 16, 2011

did i mention?

... oh yeah, i finished another pair!

augustsocks8 045

aren't these pretty?! i have now knitted this pattern 3 times. it's called papaver sok, by anne hanson of knitspot.

i got the yarn this past may at our local fiberfest. it's called tinsel toes, and it's by the unique sheep. the colorway is called 'prince of the wood elves', and was dyed especially for a sock club. perhaps this hank was unclaimed, or just extra.

i grabbed it because i love the sheen of a wool/tencel blend, and i loved its subtle coloring ... this wonderful silvery gray with blips and stains of greens and browns.

anne designed the pattern with a shortrow heel. i prefer the fit of a heelflap, so that's what i did ... though you cannot see it in my picture. i also knitted the 70 stitch size on 2.25mm dpns.

so, so far in this august challenge of finishing PAIRS of socks, i have now finished 8 pairs. if you're a long time reader, i'm sure you're impressed. heck, i'm impressed!

i still plan on finishing 2 more pairs ... and more if i have the time, or don't get distracted.

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