Monday, February 20, 2012

lucky you!

 a good friend recently asked me, "where ARE you?!"

i'm here ... i've just been working on some "secret" projects for a swap i participated in. my swap partner was my mom. and she blog-stalks me!

so, i wasn't posting all these projects that were consuming so much of my knitting time.

but, i was home this past weekend, and we did our exchange. now, i can reveal.

leap 024

this was inspired by my monster knitting group. the group is quite large, and sometimes, too big for my comfort when it comes to committing to a project, and mailing it, and most importantly, receiving it.

 mom and i talked about it, and she spontaneously said, "i'll be your partner!"

 LOL! she doesn't knit ! but, she does crochet, and that will be another post. so, i got busy.

the first guy i made was the little blue guy on the right side ... he's a rebecca danger pattern from her book. his name is "harold the house plant monster". i've made him before, and gave him away. but, this time, i made him with a hand dyed sock yarn (dyed by me, with wilton icing dye). the yarn is a super-wash fingering weight yarn. i've tried at least twice to knit this yarn into socks, but FAILED. failed. failed because the yarn and pattern combination was a poor choice, or failed because the pattern sucked.

the very lucky guy on the left is also from the same book, and is called "irving the icebox monster".

he's knitted with some vanna's choice yarns. he did not come from stash. i know, GASP! i spent some $ on some acrylic stuff. but, the colors were so perfect! in the book, he has a little round eye patch. for his "lucky" theme, i crocheted a little shamrock, and tacked down the edges with sewing thread.

leap 018

leap 014

so, these two little guys were the focus of our swap, but of course, i didn't stop there. i knitted a little owl puff, and crocheted a little nemo fish, stuffed a sewn bag with trail mix and candies, plus some pandora jewelry.

 i couldn't help it. it's mom. i'll post the "extra's" later.

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Paul & Carla said...

Acrylic is not all bad. But your monsters, now — they are BADDDD!!! In a good way, of course.