Tuesday, February 28, 2012


for christmas, stuart received a pony. a beautiful blue pony ... and lucy wanted one too. because, that's how sock monsters are ... they're just like kids. whatever the one has, the other wants. big time. WANTS. cries. pouts.

 this is lucy.

started socken mate

she ended up in stuart's stocking several years ago. she's sweet, and a constant companion, but still, she's a wee sock creature, with wee "feelings". including, "why does HE have a pony and i DON'T ?!" LOL!
so, grandma got busy crocheting pony #2.

stash2 181

both ponies are crocheted with this pattern. of course, the wee pony on the left (in red) had a crocheted flower around her neck. that's an "extra".

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