Monday, February 20, 2012

ps. she still knits socks !

february socks 009

are these NOT super cool ?!

these were actually quite a quick knit ... because i was so captured by the pattern unfolding.

it's called "rainbow socks". and it's knitted with short rows. i was so enthralled how a simple self striping yarn became so dynamic with short rows!

the yarn is kroy jacquard, in the colorway "meadow jaquard".

the short row method i used was a yarn over. no wrap & turn. also, i slipped the first stitch after the yarn over.

i love these. i love the pattern. i will knit it again.


Jagienka said...

De-lurking to say these socks are fricking awesome! Off to Ravelry to put them in my (ever longer) Q!

leanne pizio said...

super cute pattern!!!! love them!

Christine said...

These are supeRRRRR cool!