Monday, May 27, 2013

no zombies ... Y E T

no, i've not had time to knit zombies, but i've had time to cast on even more projects, that i have no business casting on.

i SHOULD be finishing the old ones, ... but i'm weak.

and, as i remind myself, "it's a hobby, for pleasure", i chose to not deny myself my pleasure.

i've been slowly knitting on my elm sock. it's knitted with the crystal palace panda cotton. i got this yarn at my friend's lys, and she had it on deep discount.

2 balls. yep. 2 balls ='s socks. well, usually.

BeFunky Contrast on iPhone

that's where i ran out of ball #1. now, we can't "borrow from paul to pay peter", because then peter won't have nothing!

instead, i did what any (hopefully) well connected knitter would do, and went searching within ravelry.

i was able to connect with someone, who also belongs to my SKA group, who has 18 grams of leftovers of this same color & dyelot.  we've exchanged a few messages today!

so, i'm happy to report i will be able to finish these socks, without having to order more online (and wrong dyelot) or substitute with a different yarn.

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