Saturday, June 08, 2013


i'll just change my name to the haphazard hooker.

recently, i've been "shopping" for a knitted tee (shirt). i've added some designs to my ravelry queue, and today, actually downloaded (paid) for a pattern.

the design is called flowers and tiles top, and ... it's a ravelry download.

i've been looking at it for awhile. it's a summer pullover, crocheted, modular, and finishes with knitting (for the edges (ie: hem, armbands, neck)).

i was out & about this morning, and popped into the local wally world, and thought this yarn would be a good candidate for this project. the jury is still out. i kinda goofed anyways --- i misread the label and thought i was purchasing enough yardage --- but i confused the yardage on the label with the 'article no.'

we'll see ... if this cotton thread works out, i'll have to schlep myself back to wally world and buy the remaining 2 balls in a different dye lot (by the way ... no biggie for something created modularly).

BeFunky Vignette on iPhone

BeFunky Vignette on iPhone

BeFunky Vignette on iPhone

so, there's my little swatch.

it was kinda a pain to crochet, as i used a wee "b" hook (2.25mm). i knit with needles that small all the time, but it's different in crochet. if i'm on gauge, i might have to shop for a hook with a better place to "hold" the hook (ie: clover ... do they make a hook that size?).

i have my swatch soaked & pinned out. when it dries (never), i'll measure after i unpin.

when i was crocheting, i had thoughts of ... "i'm not sure if this is the right yarn" ... "it seems rigid" ... "this kinda sucks" ... "oooooh ... hmmmm" ... "it's kinda pretty!" ... "is it too rigid?" ... "fuck! i don't have enough yardage !!!" ... "can i get more if it does work out?"... "it is really pretty!"


Anonymous said...

Clover does make a 2.25mm hook, I got mine at JoAnn's -- it's a Clover Amour. I like those better than the Soft Touch.

Walden said...

Love the look of the top! Good luck!

Acorn to Oak said...

I love the swatch!