Wednesday, May 08, 2013

oh good grief!

so, i am house sitting, and when i do that, i simply don't get other things done, as i'm out of my element. but, i am still knitting socks.


i have finished the first sock of a pair i've been wanting to make for awhile. this sock is knitted totally from leftovers. and yes, it really is this pretty in real life!

the pattern is called heart crook, and is from her book _more sensational knitted socks_.

it's not perfect, but close enough.

my next challenge will be to knit the mate. i haven't decided yet if i want my mate to match or not. i think i have enough yarn in the blue i used for the cuff/heel/toe to use it again, but maybe i'll switch up the order of colors in the rest of the design.

i had also cast on another colorwork sock, senta.


i love the way both of these socks look, but they're very time consuming for me. i'm so slow at colorwork. so, i did what any normal knitter would do ... cast on something else .....



i started this pattern (elm) by cookie a. i thought it would be easy, but it has me "chart chasing" a bit. UGH.

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mapleweave said...

Sure... You're just racking up the singles for the August KAL.