Sunday, April 21, 2013

where was i ?

so, knitting!

i have not finished my pollen/asparagus scarf, because when i was knitting the bind off with beads on the provisional cast on edge ... i ran out of yarn. that said, i'm probably going to "undo" that first row of knitting to get more yarn, as i don't really have anymore yarn.

that project is in time out.

but, there are other projects fresh on the needles.


this sock is knitted with leftovers, and yes, i am stranding!

and i'm SO SLOW at it. but, it's pretty.

my current dilemma is that i might run out of the purple yarn i'm using for the heelflap. i need it to last through the heel, and the first 4 rounds of the instep. as i look at my wee leftover dwindling, i might just have to rip it now and save myself some time and disappointment.

in the meantime, i did start another stranded project. seriously. what am i thinking?!


this pattern is a called senta ... one of those fabulous free downloads from ravelry.

this pattern has called to me for a long time ... and i used the pattern chart in my giant acrylic infinity scarf.

the picture above shows one entire chart repeat.

the yarns are:
  • sock-ease in colorway "marshmallow", purchased yesterday at 50% off at joann's, and ....
  • dyed by me knitpick's fingering wool/nylon
i love the look of stranded socks --- i just wish i was a bit more proficient.

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