Sunday, June 16, 2013

still hookin'

i might have to change my name --- to the haphazard hooker!

i've just been really enjoying crochet lately. i think it's because no matter what --- the fabric created will have a texture, with even the simplest of stitches. it's kinda appealing.

what am i crocheting now?

a bag!

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this bag is called (currently) NoName Bags Test (link to ravelry).

i came across this bag & CAL via the ravelry group ravliki. the group founder is a woman named Lena. some time ago, she sailed from the Ukraine and is now docked in Montenegro. she crochets, and publishes designs on ravelry, and before she puts up a pattern for sale, ... has a CAL to test her patterns.

so, that's what i'm doing ... "testing".

and it's been fun. loads of fun.

my first issue was yarn. her samples were crocheted in a sport wt. cotton. i don't have any in stash. so, i did a stash-dive, and came up with these hemp leftovers (from tank tops of long ago).

my old yarn is by hemp for knitting. i first met the designer years ago at a stitches convention. her yarn is awesome. my old label says it's dk wt, 50g and 93 (?) yds.

anyhoo --- it's been fun using this yarn again --- and working through this bag pattern.

the major crochet is now done, and it's time to work on the straps and finishing. as i was reading along, i realized i'd need some beads to hang on the ends of the straps. crap.

i put on lipstick, straightened out my hair (and skirt), and headed out to the local bead shop (less than 2 miles away).

i came home with these gems .....

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these "beads" are ceramic. i did test the holes, and i can actually get a single strand of my yarn to pass through.

so, i guess i better get busy on the finishing now =)

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

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