Saturday, June 22, 2013

i did sneak in some knitting!

i've started a top down t-shirt ... gemini from knitty.

lately, i've been craving things other than socks (gasp!) ... and creating on my own terms vs. a group or schedule.

and i'm thinking of setting some goals for myself this summer --- (okay, some are not knitterly) ... ie:

  • not using the oven, at all! ... this summer (the kitchen just gets way too hot)
  • crochet a sweater
  • finish as many sock pairs in august as possible
  • create some summer t's (knit or crochet)

so, to kick off the summer of goal(s) ... i did cast on this summer tee (linked above) ....

BeFunky Fill Light on iPhone

i'm using "hempathy" --- i bought this yarn in 2008, and actually knitted a bottom up tee about 65%. and now, i'm ripping it out. it's just been too long to revisit that old project --- and the size doesn't suit me now --- and --- i want something new.

i thought this pattern would be easy because it's free & from knitty, but apparently, i have lots of choices to make in regards to fit & modifications (of the sleeves) --- i don't want my sleeves to stick out like klingons.

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