Saturday, January 10, 2015

in house

it's still pretty cold here in the south.

thought it's sunny and clear, with beautiful carolina blue skies, it's cold!

i decided it was a good day for a crockpot meal.


this is slow cooker honey garlic chicken.

it smells great! … it's still in the crockpot.

i had to buy a few ingredients i didn't have in the pantry … such as hoisin sauce, and a new bottle of both rice vinegar and honey.

but, all these will be used again --- as i want to make more of these recipe types.

i bet this will be really great over some noodles or rice (which, DO have in the pantry!).

also, over the holiday, i had a $10 coupon for the world market. they send me a $10 coupon each year for my birthday.

the hardest thing about that is finding something i want, without spending more than $10.

i know, it's a game. they made 51 cents off me.

with that, i got this cute star lantern,


and a funny ecard calendar to use at work. not too bad!

my only complaint is my tea lights are cheap. i never considered that before --- not that i know which brand is best.

but these tea lights have a weak flame, and burn quickly.

oh well --- still enjoying the lantern --- i'll burn through all the tea lights and buy a better bag.

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