Thursday, January 08, 2015

happy new year ! … 8 days later !

this reminds me of the nanci griffith song, who knows where the time goes? (click on the link! you'll love the music … youtube won't let me embed it here)

it has been a crazy and hectic first week of the new year. but, it's like this every year in my job role.

first, we have a long season in the late fall … and then the first quarter of the new year is a time of fixing and recovery.

it's no surprise. it's constantly changing. but, it makes it hard for me to fall into a routine and rhythm.

many things suffer (sleep, eating habits, exercise, routine) ……

however, i'm trying to get back into some sort of rhythm … with my knitting (and/or crochet).

i've started a new sweater.

i really wanted to as soon as i received that big shipment from the knitpicks cyber-monday sale. i had ordered a sweaters' worth of their hawthorne sock yarn. it was on sale at 1/2 off … even their regular price is a steal!


the sweater is juniper. it's top down, in reverse stockinette. it's a bit dolman/batwing. i think it's cute. mom has informed me that it's ugly. lol! she'll change her mind once it's finished …..

i've started it a couple of times. i'm not having much success with the increases in purl aside my cabled sleeve seam.

now, i'm just going to knit … and i will adopt the theory of "that shit will block out !".


other things … COFFEE!

i'm not a coffee fan. sometimes i like the smell. sometimes.

but, i have some coffee in the house now.

so, i brewed a pot.


i'd like to be purist, a snob, but i'm rather ghetto when it comes to coffee.

i like it chilled with milk … with a bit of sugar. i know. SO WRONG. but, that's how i like my coffee.

i like it hot too … if someone else prepares it. but, i'm on my own with this pot. so, the carafe is stashed in the fridge, waiting for some milk in the morning.

i have some other projects to share, but they will have to wait. now, i want to get back to my afghan and netflix. i should be going to bed, but i'm too tired to think about that. that's how it is this time of year …..

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