Saturday, January 10, 2015

the mighty doily!


one of my online groups introduced a new thread (challenge) to finish projects that have languished. 

i have plenty!

last summer, i dipped into the world of doilies. for the most part, i've done things backwards.  my first knitting project was not a scarf, but a sweater. my first crochet? … a chain … tunisian crochet, the granny square, but never doilies.

so i made a few last summer, with any color but white. and then i started a white one.

it's the largest one for me yet. and then i lost interest.

but recently, with the inspiration of one of my online groups (via ravelry), i decided to rescue this project. 

and, to my surprise, i'm enjoying it again! it took awhile to figure out where in the pattern i was. and i cannot work on it when i'm tired.

however, my booklet has written and charted instructions, and i have a nice supply of post-it flags.

so, i'm set!

happy saturday!

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