Sunday, February 22, 2015

back to normal

today is the first day in a loooong time (so it feels) that the weather is "normal". today, no coat, hat, or gloves. i even rode with the window down. there's still a bit of lingering ice however.

knitting-wise, i've been as productive as possible, while maintaining the enjoyment factor.

for starters, i feel like i've been knitting on this sweater forever!


it's my juniper. and, i still love it … but if it doesn't behave, the love affair will be over soon.



so … what i've done. i've knitted the body (top down) and the sleeves. i bound off the sleeves. an then i started the body from under arms.

and i was knitting with "kinky" yarn. after the sleeves, i joined the body in the round with yarn i had already knitted and blocked. and ripped.

the yarn was more kinky than fusilli. and, as i learned, you just cannot knit with kinky yarn and expect the kinks to straighten.

so, i had to rip.


and the ripped yarn has been straightened.

and i'm back knitting with a new hank anyways.

HOWEVER, i've fallen in love again … apparently, knitpicks is now selling this yarn in  kettle-dyed !!!

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sewtuf said...

I love the colorway! I'm glad that you haven't given up because I can't wait to see the results. I do hate knitting with kinky yarn...such a hassle