Tuesday, February 17, 2015


i could say "snow day", but we really didn't get much snow. it started as snow, … a few flakes, and then it was all sleet & freezing rain.



i woke up to white --- all ice. amazingly, a plow did come by this morning and scraped a single lane in the more traveled streets, but didn't scrape the street i actually park on.

i moved my truck out to the road, and used the dust pan to scrape the ice off the stairs. i should be "good to go" tomorrow. mostly.

so, what does one do on a sleet day? … KNIT!

this yarn was a valentine's gift from deb. it's pretty stuff! made by miss babs, the yarn is called "tarte".

it's a fingering wt. wool/nylon/tencel blend in a hefty 500 yard hank.

i quickly found a pattern, FuchsiaNouveau-petite, by romi, and cast on. and now, i have to set it aside as i really need to knit from the chart, and i'm out of ink on the printer. boo hiss.

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