Tuesday, February 24, 2015

good knitting

good knitting is what happens when "the weather outside is frightful".


it's still 21*, and still snowing. some of the highways are still gridlock, and there's hundreds of accidents in the area.

so, i'm at home. if the roads clear up later, i'll consider going to work. but for right now, it's smarter to stay inside.

besides, i have coffee, chili, netflix, heat, knitting, and peace & quiet. all good things!


here's the current state of my juniper pullover.

i made some progress on the body, after ripping out all the kinky yarn the other day. i just weighed the yarn i ripped & washed, and it weighs about 41 grams. that's a lot of yarn. and time.


here you can see the difference between the blocked part (upper) and the freshly knitted part (lower). and, that also illustrates one of the wonders of washing & blocking. the fabric really relaxes!

that said, this yarn experience has made me really want more of the hawthorne sock. and wouldn't you know, knitpicks has recently expanded that line and introduced kettle-dyed and sport weight multi.

i really would love a sweater's quantity of the kettle-dyed!

when i chose this yarn for my juniper, knitpicks only had the hawthorne sock in multi's. for my sweater, i chose a colorway that was more tonal than variegated. i really love this colorway (irvington), and if the kettle-dyed ones had been available, i'd still chosen the irvington.

but, next time i knit a sweater in fingering, and i actually shop for the yarn (instead of knit from stash), i'm going for the kettle-dye. it's $10.99/hank and 357 yards. any other yarn brand is going to cost at least twice as much. it's a really great value and high quality.


on that note, i'm going back to my knitting before i find myself shopping online and checking out with paypal.

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elns said...

Stay warm and safe! Keep up the good knitting. I'm mesmerized by the texture in your yarn's colorway.

The weather here in Nor Cal is ridiculous. I seem to be tapping into the knit zone after everyone goes to bed.

The knitting is calming and peaceful. I'm just a little worn thin in the morning. :)