Sunday, April 19, 2015

what's new?


and if i could get all my photos i want to share to cooperate, then i could post them here. however, i'm having some technical issues today.

but i did manage to upload a few yesterday, so i'll start with these:


i got a new fish. i always joke, "you have to be really tough to live with me", … but it's not a joke. my other fish died, and he wasn't even "old".

mom and i always joke about keeping things alive. it's in reference to the sandra bullock film 28 days. at the end of the film, she's in a flower shop … and i'll leave it at that. the last time i watched it was possibly on netflix. i'm not sure -- i know it's not available for streaming via netflix right now.

anyways, so i got a new fish. have i named it? no. maybe that's part of my problem … i don't name things. i never named my truck, but it's been going strong since summer of '96.

what have i been doing with my time other than work? … i've been trying to find a routine. apparently it's taking more time than i thought. it's a process.

tomorrow, i plan to get back into this routine:


i don't even care if it's raining in the morning --- i've got to start my walking again. i know it will make me feel better in all kinds of ways.

shoes are by the door, and the alarm is set.

if only knitting (and crochet) counted as "activity"! if they did, then i've been quite busy in that "activity".

a friend and i had a KAL (knit-a-long). i wanted to knit a certain sweater, and wanted her to knit it too (because 1. she has the yarn in stash, 2. she needed to knit something for herself, 3. some things are fun when done with someone else, 4. i had the yarn in stash, 5. i was going to knit it anyways!, 6. and i got the yarn from her on a bet (which she lost)).


so, of course, being the monogamous knitter she is … she finished before me. UGH.

i have finished, but i haven't sewn my pieces together yet.


i have sewn together the back and sleeves. i'm just not feeling motivated. but, that may change.

i'm thinking after i get my yarn back on the needles for part 2 of my other summer tee, i'll feel more like finishing the albany sweater.

she keeps saying, "just sew 1 seam a day" … easier said than done. and, quite logical.

but, my mornings are busy, and then there's the job, and then the evenings are something else.

i have started 2 new sweaters since "not finishing" the above sweater. i'm quite the productive procrastinator.

tonight, i'm going to knit on my Lena Tee. i will find something new to watch on netflix. i might sew a seam on the other tee. might. don't count on it.


rear-view driving home a couple of weeks ago … awesome sunset !!!

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