Sunday, April 26, 2015

finished !!!


wow … finished it!

… this is my linen tee … knitted from the quince & co "sparrow" in the pattern "lena tee".

i had my doubts. i first doubted the number of hanks needed (pattern in my size calls for 5 hanks, i feared it might take 6) --- i bought an extra hank, "just in case", but sold it to a friend tonight.

then i doubted if it would be long enough. and it is.

i doubted if the armholes would flare a bit from the garter stitch. but it tamed after washing/blocking.


my coconut butterfly from the dominican republic

but, i all worked out. the drape is amazing! i read on the quince & co. website that the best way to "block" is to toss the finished garment into the washing machine, and then dry in the dryer until almost dry, then 'block'.

mine was almost dry when i pulled it from the dryer. i tugged and reshaped, and then hung on a clothes hanger.

it's perfect.



want to buy it? $400 !!!


Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

I just bought some of that yarn the other day, eager to dry. Good blocking tips.

elns said...

Ooooo, that is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect knit for the spring or summer and SO wearable! When did you have time to knit this? You are amazing! I love it, I want one ... one day.