Sunday, April 19, 2015

twice in one day?

i finally gave in an upgraded my iCloud … which is helpful for all my photos.

so this evening, i'm crocheting on my blanket. i hadn't touched it in at least a week, but tonight wanted to work on it.


i've started another hexagon. it's #19. the pattern calls for 35 hexagons, but i'm thinking my blanket will be smaller (a lap blanket vs. bedspread).

i knitted a bit on my lena tee, but then switched over to the crochet.

yes, i have switched from knitting a fine linen top to crocheting an acrylic blanket. tisk tisk.


this is knitted from the bottom up. i have finished all of the back (or front) and am knitting from the armholes up to the top on the other side.

we'll see …...

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