Sunday, August 23, 2015

the wool knitting is quite fast


i started my beeline on august 8th. as of last night, i'm about 4" in on my second sleeve. the sleeves are exceptionally fast due to the reduced number of stitches. i'm planning on having this finished within the next few days.

i haven't finished my last two summer tops though --- on the lena, all i need to do is pick up stitches around the neck and arms and bind off, and then weave in ends. on the western tee, i just have a smidgen of knitting left and minimal finishing. however, starting is often more alluring than finishing.

but, i'm into the fall/winter knitting now.

this is one i'm currently contemplating ... it would be A LOT of knitting. (it's called reagan). i have a suitable yarn in stash.

whichever i decide upon, it will be soon --- because my rusty beeline is near the finish line and i'm going to get itchy to start something new.

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