Sunday, August 23, 2015


yesterday when i was out & about, i stopped in a yarn shop. there were at least 2 different yarns i could had justified buying for sweaters, but i have plenty of sweater quantities, ... and didn't "need" it.

le sigh ... remember last december when i proclaimed to be going cold sheep in 2015? ha !!!

needless to say, there have been some significant yarn purchases this year. however, they have been more "mindful" purchases. so, although i've not been 100% cold sheep, i've not been as reckless either. 

one thing i did find that i wanted, and could use (needed!) was a gadget for my dpns. on my sweater, i'm knitting the sleeves, on dpns. and, more than once, the stitches have fallen off the needles when in my knitting bag.
i saw such an accessory in the yarn shop yesterday ... but i couldn't justify the expense ($13). i can sew. and i have tons of scraps. 
so, this cost me nothing but a bit of time. i had everything ... the fabric scraps, some 1/4" elastic, and some stiff interfacing.
it's not perfect, but it "will do". 


elns said...

I think it's fabulous. Really great idea and I love the fabric.

Huisha Kiongozi said...

hey, where are you? missing your post...please continue blogging, thanks