Thursday, August 17, 2006

catching up

i have been up since around 4am. i just couldn't sleep. i usually get up when i cannot sleep. i figure it's better to do something than to just watch the clock.

i don't mind it so much, though it does make the rest of my day feel out of kilter. what i like about the wee hours? ... the quiet. and quiet knitting.

i finished sock #1 yesterday, and actually cast on for the mate! i think i may have a finished pair soon! sock #2 is pooling. oh well. i'm already planning my next pair of koigu socks ....


Lolly said...

Holy crochet cow! You are super fast. Socks take me FOREVER.

anne hanson said...

i love that colorway . . .mmm. i love the wee hours too. we both stay up very late in our house. it's the best time to knit.