Sunday, August 13, 2006

too yummy to resist


i think it's been pretty well established that i have cheated on my diet with multiple offenses, but ... at least when i've done so, it was for a worthy yarn!

my latest offense? koigu ....

my LYS finally received their long awaited shipment of koigu. i saw it all spread out across a table. when i see koigu like this, it's even easier to fall for colors i wouldn't normally go for. i picked up 2 hanks each of three colorways for socks. please remind me sometime to take a picture of all the socks i've abandoned in the past few months ...! and, i cast on for sockbug's river rapids socks.

rapid river sock

i have knitted socks from her site before ...

scallops sock 2

the picture above was a progress shot of the first of the lacy scallops socks. no shame here, i did finish the pair! ... and these too were knitted with koigu !


Amanda Cathleen said...

mmmm, koigu! How could you resist a table full? Great colors that you picked up!
Love your malabrigo scarf and your chickami, very cute! : )

Agent Aubergine said...

Yummy Koigu! I'm hoping to stop by GY tomorrow to see it and you and Deb. I hope there's some left for me!!

Jeanie said...

Wow! Fantastic colors of Koigu!!! Do you know which colorways those are? I'm planning on casting on for some River Rapid socks soon too!

Okay, back to snooping around your blog!

gray la gran said...

if you click on the photo, it will take you to flickr and the picture has notes with the colorways on it.