Friday, November 24, 2006

i certainly have a bad case of the crochet bug ! i ordered these two booklets from gourmet crochet just before thanksgiving. inspite of the holiday, delivery was fast.

leaving mom & dad's was heartbreaking today ... because i left behind my beloved stash of redheart and all my crocheted squares! i decided they can wait until my visit at christmas, because i have way too much stuff to work on and worry about, without the distraction of a growing blankie. so, no more crochet square shots until next month!

my copy of winter IK got lost in the mail, so my replacement copy arrived today! i'm many weeks behind in the oooh-and-awwww, but tonight i will enjoy some good knitting related reading!

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Anonymous said...

Silver Cup...
You did do a GREAT job on the stockings!!! And the customer LOVED them!!! Buy me somthing 'priddy'!!