Monday, November 06, 2006

i went to an artwalk in durham this past weekend. the lovely ms. rrrrita was my partner in crime. it was an absolutely glorious day for being out and about ...

the maples were showing off! the sky was a deep carolina blue, and the air cool and dry.

because the intense sunlight deceived me, i went a'walkin' without my hat. but, that was just fine, as a knitter friend had a little tent set up, and she had for sale just the hat i needed !
it's knitted in the round, from noro's kureyon. the shaping reminds me of a yankee knitter's pattern, as it's simple and basic, and just perfect !

see the cute doo-dads hanging off the end ?!

knitterly note: the gauntlets were not knitted by me, but by a ms. agent aubergine. the pattern is from sally melville's _the knit stitch_, knitted with yummy koigu ! she can have them back if she pays the ransom ! otherwise, they look fab with my new hat and my old kiwi felted bag !

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Nik said...

Do you know that I have NOT knit anything with Koigu yet. I've always loved the yarn but never made anything with it. I love that hat.