Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fiber festivals

over the past couple of years, i've had some opportunities to attend a few fiber festivals. my first was the perfect introduction, vermont's sheep & wool festival. it was small compared to others i've been to, but it was a very good one ... not to mention up in beautiful vermont when the leaves are changing, just outside of the swanky town of burlington, and the area has at least two fabulous yarn shops to boot.

after catching the bug i was eager to go to both maryland and rhinebeck. both were a blast, and both were big.

this year, i'm going to SAFF with chak-a-khan. i picked SAFF because i have wanted to go in years past and it's local ... not nearly as so far away as other festivals.

i was hoping to finish knitting my patons cabled pullover by then, but i seem to not be able to stop knitting socks.

instead, weather permitting, i might be wearing this instead ....

i'll get a full shot later. i just wanted to share this lovely handknit ... knitted by corbett for me! i sent him my hypoteneuse which he received on monday, the exact same day i received this triangular cabled shawl. YEAH!

i knitted a shawl for him because i can not go to rhinebeck this year. and i wanted to go ... it's more than just a fiber festival, but it's a social visit too, to hang out with jim & corbett in catskill ... just down the road from rhinebeck.

he knew i was making something (as he was banned from the blog), but i had no idea he was making something too. he just said we'd have an "exchange". i thought that meant yarn (i've been pining for his green fleece artist merino sock yarn for two years now). never did it occur to me that he was knitting me a shawl ....


Stacey said...

oooh - can't wait to see a full shot! I can't go to Rhinebeck either... :(

turtlegirl76 said...

Screw Rhinebeck. The fun is happening at SAFF. Can't wait to meet you!