Tuesday, October 16, 2007

socktoberfest = sockensploshen

i'm not trying to pass these off as a fresh pair, but i was thinking this new shot was better than the one in my previous post. maybe.

next up, a finished pair of socks ....

though started in may, this pair took me 6 months to finish ! i'm sure that's not a record, as there are plenty of other orphans that have been waiting in the wings even longer. though, i have "rescued" at least 6 of them ... and probably added a few news ones to the batch too.
the yarn is trekking xxl in col. 05, knitted at 9 sts/inch.

i have lots of orphan socks. and i'm okay with that. i'm so okay with it that i'm having another freak out over which ones i might like to knit next!

i think i want to knit some knee socks. perhaps knitty's clessidra or IK's spiral boot socks. or maybe something rather simple like diana's knee socks ....

and then there's other sockens, shorter sockens, with yardage i may actually have in stash, such as eunny's bayerische socks, magknit's tropicana socks (look at this beautiful version!), or knitty's cable net socks.

and just two days ago, i was contemplating some toe up's with reverse heelflaps, such as knitty's widdershins, diamante, and baudelaire socks.

socktoberfest = sockensploshen

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Stacey said...

knee socks are a blast....I want to make another pair when I get some time!