Sunday, October 14, 2007

sock report

first things first, i did get a photo of my monkeys, somewhat focused. i guess trying to take photos with the day's first light doesn't exactly make good lighting. actually, i think with the change in season, that the light is shifting more to the back porch instead.

but, they are finished ! and repaired. the hole i found two mornings ago was latched up with a wee crochet hook and then secured with a scrap of yarn.

monkey remains one of my favorite sock patterns ... and i have a feeling that the roza's socks (scroll down link) will be added to that short list.

i was out & about last night with agent scarlet and stuart. our occasional dates involves food & knitting. after knitting at one bar (where we also had dinner), we moved onto another for a nightcap and dessert (and better lighting).

stuart is modeling a knitted scarf in the lovely schaffer anne.

there was a bonus treat involved in the get-together ... as ms. acrylique gave me a whopping hank of yarni goodness! i actually had a choice between the pictured yarn and a 100gr ball of trekking pro natura. though i was extremely tempted by the trekking, i seriously fell for the reds.

of course, i will spend many hours perusing ravelry and my knitting books for a sock pattern worthy of this beautiful yarn (pagewood farm hand dyed sock yarn)....

in between sips of beer and bites of black bean quesadilla pts., i finished up my first raisinette socken.

yes, it is an orphan, and hopefully not for long. this is the spey valley sock pattern from nancy bush's _knitting on the road_. it's all based on a 5x2 rib, with a very interesting horizontal braid that defines the cuff. i really like the pattern, and the sock.

what i did not like so much was knitting with the yarn ... it's crystal palace's maizy. it's the absolute most splitty yarn i've ever knitted with ! the fabric is nice, and the fiber content (corn fiber and elastic nylon) is an interesting combo, but even on mindless knitting one must pay absolute attention that all the strands are knitted and not splitted.


peaknits said...

I love the Monkeys - the PAIR of Monkeys good job! And Roza's are a nice knit, huh? I simply must try to last pattern - with less splitty yarn - thanks for the tip!

amanda cathleen said...

Love the monkeys! That colorway is awesome. Your spey valley sock is so beautiful, I'm going to have to add that pattern to my queue. Thanks for the heads up on the maizy.
Lovely, lovely yarn that agent scarlet gifted you with. Can't wait to see what you knit with it!

Anonymous said...

Nice work with the 'stitches' on the monkeys. BUT how 'bout them pantalons!

Stacey said...

Monkeys!!!! ugh -there is no light to photograph by these days - very frustrating!

Splitty yarn is the worst - it makes it a lot of work to just knit! The socks came out very pretty though....