Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i don't know why ...

... i want to knit a toe up sock. i am not a fan of the short row heel. nor am i a fan of the bind off methods of toe up. but, i am a wee bit curious to try the reverse gusset with heelflap.

so, of course, i picked a pattern full of short row parts (heel and toe) ! but, i have a plan .... maybe.

this is knitty's falling leaves sock. the toe begins with a provisional cast on and proceeds with short rows, full of yo's and turns and untwisting. i was too lazy to read the instructions, so i just did a crazy 8 (that's what i call it, whatever it's really called) cast on, starting with the toe tip, and increased from there.

now, all those wordy instructions will come up again at heel time. but, i think i'm going to try the heel from knitty's diamante instead (both of these sock patterns are 72 sts.).

i've been told that i work awfully hard to be lazy ....

pattern notes:

c.o. 10 sts each needle, +'d to 18 sts e.r., +'d to 36 sts e.o.r.
work 1 rnd plain, begin lace.
32" 2mm turbos
lorna's laces shepherd sock in tuscany colorway.


Stacey said...

I don't really mind a SR toe, but hate heels....I haven't tried the toe up heel flap, but anxious to see what you think!!! I love the Magic Cast on from Knitty...

angelarae said...

Oooh! Those look nice.


scarlet said...

HA HA. I take pride in working so hard to be so lazy. It's actually code for "being smart."

And I know who said that about you so it makes me crack up every time I find myself saying it to someone else.

dksockens said...

You are a Glutton for punishment!
Or maybe a wonton :p

amanda cathleen said...

very lovely sock!
I like the top down socks better too. I don't really now why, but I do! *L*