Thursday, May 01, 2008

knit faster!

my wee ball of panda cotton is getting weee'r too quickly! i am a bit more further along than this, and the ball is dangerously tiny. so, i've been thinking about what yarn i might use to finish. i'm okay with that. there are worse things than running out of a sock yarn ... (like, running out of yarn for your sweater!).

in other knitterly news, my head has been thinking of crochet. i was surfing ravelry today and came across a lovely crocheted dress ! from what i can gather, it's from verena's spring '07 issue. which, i don't know any place that stocks that magazine, much less back issues.

but, the picture is good. and it's inspiring. i think i could 'wing it' if i had to. i don't quite understand my obsession with crocheted dresses ... but i really dig 'em!


turtlegirl76 said...

There have been a lot of cute crocheted dresses popping up lately. I'm not surprised you're obsessed with them. =)

Lystessa said...

I just got an ad to subscribe to that magazine. Apparently they are just starting to introduce it in the states. Keep an eye out, and I bet you find a flier in your mailbox soon.

(I didn't order it. I have yet to make any pattern from the magazines I already have).

Cute sock!

Stacey said...

just knit faster - you may beat the yarn to the finish....that's what I always do.. :)