Thursday, May 22, 2008

a knitting anomaly

... a pair of socks !

i finished knitting these last night, while watching season 3 of BSG. i wove in my last end, and then didn't know what to do.

finished pair

i was fairly dedicated while knitting these socks, meaning ... i touched no other sockens. i did, however, have a false start on a sweater.

this is how your pictures come out when you take them yourself.

and now? now, the hunt is on for the next socken project. i could knit a mate to one of my many orphans, but i'm not in the mood for that.

i will decide before tomorrow, as i will need a project for the bus ! i'm going to try out the bus tomorrow. though it doubles my commute time, the monthy pass is the same cost as a tank of gas. i don't think i could drive to work and back each day on 1 tank of gas. and, i can knit on the bus.


sgeddes said...

One of my favorites! I love the combinations of color and pattern.

Stacey said...

those came out great. the pattern really shows through the variegation!i'm curious what you pick for your next socken - there are so many neat and new ones out there!

lucky - i so wish i could take public transportation to and from work!

elizabeth marley said...

Those socks are pretty awesome.

Knitting on the bus is great. I meet a lot of (not creepy) people while knitting on the bus. So many people want to learn, or used to knit, and they have really funny stories.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....a little partial to these pretty sockens. Gee..wonder why???

J.P. said...

I love these socks! Very nice...

Anonymous said...

Aside from gas $$, think major draw of bus is the knitting! Pretty seashell sockens!! ^..^